Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 15, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dadi asking Shayari if she’s feeling okay. Phupi forgets about Shayari. Shayari asks how I got here. Dadi says Rehan brought you here. Rehan is on the call. Shayari approaches him. Remember your mistake. He says I came to apologize again. He says I’m less interested in talking to you, I’ve given you six months’ salary in advance, I know your problem. She says I can’t pay for this favor. She says it is a punishment, you will pay for your mistake, you will do what I tell you, go to the warehouse and bring the carpet. She says it’s late, how will I manage alone? She says I can get my salary back. She thinks I want money for the Monu operation. Scream go now. She leaves. She gets there. She asks Khanna to help her. She says I have sent Shayari to fetch the rugs, go to the station, and help her. Khanna drops the phone and doesn’t listen to him. Shayari is looking for a warehouse. Two men see her and make fun of her. She runs. They run after her. Rehan sees the dagger. Rehan does the magic and disappears it.

Roshni asks Tabeezi who is doing this. Tabeezi says that jinn shikari knows of Rehan’s shield, that he will come to take it to attack Rehan. Aman says I’m Rehan’s shield. Roshni says that even Farhan will have that dagger. Aman says it means his life is in danger, we have to catch him soon. Shayari cries and calls Rehan. Roshni asks Rehan not to worry, they will find Farhan, are there clues in her latest photos? Rehan says no. She says it’s alright we’ll find a way She says I don’t know why she is hiding from us, every knot on this bracelet is a promise. He cries. She says that Aman was very happy, you didn’t tell the whole truth, did you. Roshni says I’ll tell him the truth, when the time is right. Rehan asks for a promise. Aman asks what promise. Roshni says that Rehan is getting engaged. Rehan and Aman ask what, who. Shayari calls Roshni. She runs to save herself. Aman says you make sure to propose the girl in front of the media, Farhan will see the news and he will come. Rehan says there is a problem, there is no girl. Aman asks what, that genius hunter. Roshni says no, Natasha is not a genius hunter, she is his girlfriend. Rehan says Natasha is my girlfriend, we’re close.

Roshni says it means that he will say yes if you propose. It definitely says. Aman says when we will find the genius hunter. Natasha says it seems impossible to reach the dagger, if I make Rehan wear this ring it will be good, I have to think about how I will make Rehan wear it. Rehan comes to meet her. She asks how you got here right now. She closes the door. Says sorry to come at night, couldn’t wait until morning, will you marry me? She asks for marriage. She says she would need time to invite the parents, we will talk tomorrow, I want to get engaged tomorrow. She thinks she agrees. Hide the ring. She says I believe our commitment can help me get my brother back. She says it’s my yes and hugs it. Shayari runs and hides. Roshni calls Rehan and says Shayari called me many times, hope she doesn’t have any problems. Rehan reviews the missed calls. He calls Khanna.

Khanna says I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, I called you. Rehan says it means you didn’t go. Khanna asks where. Rehan runs to the place. Shayari attacks the bully. Roshni has noodles. Aman stops her and asks her to eat salad. Roshni says your baby likes noodles. Aman says aw, my baby wants to eat noodles, eat salad. She says you have it first, then I’ll eat it. She eats it and says very well. Cough and ask for water. Roshni looks for water. It falls out the window. She is shocked and screams. Gets hurt. Rehan searches for Shayari. She screams when men catch her. She says don’t touch me and cries. Rehan gets there and catches the men. She beats them up. The men see her blue eyes and run away. Roshni holds Aman and cries. Rehan sees Shayari crying.

Tabeezi says that if you break the promise, Aman will be in danger. Roshni says that not a mother, not a mother will lose, I will save my baby. The police come to arrest Roshni.

Update credit to: Afaq

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