Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aman, Roshni, and Tabeezi returning home. Roshni asks why it’s so dark, where did everyone go. She calls everyone. The lights come on. She is shocked. Dadi, Salma and Phupi come and congratulate Roshni. Sara and Saima also congratulate her. Dadi says that I am very happy for you two, your baby will have a new morning at home. Salma says you’re getting emotional. They dance. Aman asks Roshni not to dance. Naurachi… play…. Rehan comes and joins them. Roshni remembers the deal and becomes sad. Aman hugs her.

It’s morning, Roshni wakes up. She sees the beautiful wind chimes and hears the sound. Aman smiles. She says you did this. He says yes, I want you and your baby to stay calm. She says the baby will accompany me, your height is lower and the color is also dark. She says I know and smiles. It says your height is too tall, so now you don’t have heels. She asks are you making fun of me? She says I can’t joke with my own wife, I want you to wear flats. He makes her wear low shoes. She smiles. Dadi asks Phupi to close the window; otherwise, rainwater will enter. Rehan thinks it’s still raining, I thought it would rain for half an hour. Shayari feels cold and says that I will get the money, I will fix everything. He stands up in the rain and gets dizzy. She falls.

Rehan comes and sees her. He picks it up and takes it. Shayari takes his hand and says that his operation will be carried out, I will get the money, do not cry. He feels bad. Aman surprises Roshni. She smiles seeing so many toys. It says this wall is pink and blue, so we don’t argue. She says that people have also divided the colors, I am a girl but I like blue, if our baby liked pink then. It changes color to pink by its magic. She says we will love her very much. She says yes, we will decide the color later. She says we lost a lot of time, I promise to give you a lot of happiness. He holds her and hugs her. Kaala jinn appears and watches over them. He doubts Roshni is pregnant. Dadi checks Shayari’s temperature. She says she has a high fever. Rehan says I told him to do a job, he got so wet.

Rehan calls the manager and says to find out about Shayari’s family members, give her six months’ salary in advance, I’m not taking her out of work. Get a video. He sees her putting out candles. He says she did this intentionally and lied…. Natasha arrives in her room. She throws her clothes out of the closet. Use some spray and take out the dagger. Aman walks up to Roshni and stops her. He wipes the water droplets on the floor and says you could have fallen. She says I would have fallen for your scream. Natasha is not holding the dagger. Roshni says who it is … They go to Rehan’s room. Natasha hides. Come messy room. Come the dagger. Aman says it’s not good that he’s here. Natasha believes that it is not easy to reach it.

Aman prevents Roshni from eating noodles. He asks her to eat salad. He coughs and runs to get water. It falls out the window.

Update credit to: Afaq

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