Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 13, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni worried. Tabeezi walks up to Aman and takes him away. The doctor asks Roshni to lie down and relax. Tabeezi asks Aman to go home, he is waiting for the report. Aman says well, take care. He goes. Watchman stops Shayari and asks her to keep the umbrella outside. Shayari keeps it. Go to Rehan and turn around. She goes to her desk. Roshni listens to the baby’s heartbeat. Smile when you see the baby’s ultrasound. The doctor says it is an emotional moment for you, take your time. Aman stops listening to the sound. Roshni believes that Aman cannot be with me to share this happiness. Khanna stops Shayari and says you quit your job. Shayari jokes. She says she had resigned, I have the letter of resignation. She breaks it. She makes shayari and sees Rehan.

Khanna says this girl quit and came back, I’ll call security. Rehan says if we fire her then we have to give her an extra month’s salary, I don’t want to do this. It says that now you will give me an extra salary. Aman arrives at the doctor’s cabin. He sees the baby and says why my heart beats seeing this baby, when I have no relationship with him. Roshni sees it. Aman says I’m sorry and turns to leave. Roshni cries and stops him. He is surprised to see her. He hugs her. They smile and get excited. Rehan asks the man to start renovating the hotel. Receives a call. Shayari comes to her cabin and thinks that Rehan will now fire me from work. Rehan asks the man to come collect photos, maybe that will help find Farhan. Shayari lights the candles. The candle falls. Receives a call. The fire catches up. Farhan’s photos are burned. Shayari’s aunt says Monu had an accident. Shayari is leaving.

Aman says that Tabeezi is a great actor, why did you keep this good news from me? What did the doctor say? Roshni says she didn’t know how to tell you about the baby. Aman says there is only one baby. Rehan gets angry when he sees the fire. The aunt says the operating cost is high. Shayari says that I will get extra salary if I lose my job, otherwise I will work and get regular salary. She thinks I can’t quit this job. Go back and see Rehan putting out the fire. Roshni says that we thought we had lost both babies, but one of the babies survived. She says you should have told me. She thinks how am I going to say, no one can understand my pain, I promised Kaala jinn that I would give my first child, if I break that promise, then…. Shayari says I didn’t do it intentionally. He gets angry. She says she’s sorry and cries. Tabeezi says that Roshni did not want to give you false hope, he wanted to confirm that she is pregnant and then give you the good news. Roshni says you saved a baby. Tabeezi asks you to count happiness instead of grief, don’t think you lost a baby, think you still have a baby. Aman says yes, he’s right, we will always protect our baby. Roshni nods. Hug Roshni.

Shayari says that my aunt’s son had an accident, don’t fire me, I’ll do whatever you say. Rehan asks if you will do something. She said yes. Natasha says this is your shield, your dagger, once I get it, I will lock you in this glass, you are very precious. Rehan takes Shayari and says that the drop of rainwater shouldn’t fall on my bike. Shayari says it’s not raining. Rehan does the magic. It starts to rain. She asks Shayari to stop until the rain stops. Shayari stands in the rain. She says I’ll do everything. He sees her and leaves.

Aman says that I will give you both a lot of happiness. Roshni smiles and hugs him. Kaala jinn appears.

Update credit to: Afaq

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