Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 11, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Tabeezi asking Roshni why you didn’t tell Aman that you are pregnant, because you promised to give Kaala jinn your first child. I read in Ilme jinn that only Ayana can save a jinn from the mark of jinn shikari saved Aman with her powers. Roshni says you should know. Tabeezi says that Aman will know too, how can you think you can hide this from him? Roshni cries and asks how I am going to tell him that he will become a father, but Kaala jinn will have the right to our first child, I could not fulfill the duty of a mother. Tabeezi says you know, if you break this promise, Kaala jinn will take Aman’s life. Roshni hugs her and says I know, but how am I going to say this to Aman, I need some time and your help, I can’t tell anyone about the pregnancy, I need your guidance. Tabeezi says yes, just follow what he tells you. Roshni nods.

Hamlal spies on Rehan. Natasha doesn’t see the mark. Says I’ve already caught 36 geniuses, you’re smart, Rehan. Tabeezi sees the egg and tells how it came. Shayari talks to the school principal. He says we will not stay with the children. She asks him. It says I’ll give you a week. Rehan sees it and thinks to expose it. Tabeezi asks Roshni to lift the egg. Roshni keeps it close to the plants. The buds bloom. They smile. The flower bursts. Roshni asks what’s going on. Tabeezi says she was scared by this, Roshni, only one of your twins survived. Roshni cries. Rehan reaches Shayari and calls her. She goes into her cabin and sees the decorations. She asks what this is all about. Remember the words of Tabeezi.

Roshni hugs Tabeezi. She says I want to tell Aman the truth, but it will be a lifelong pain for him. Tabeezi asks her to be strong, a woman can lose her courage, but not a mother. She says your life is in danger after this miscarriage, you have to visit a doctor, I will go with you. Roshni nods. Rehan says don’t act innocent, we both know what we want from each other. Shayari says I didn’t understand. Says no one is here, accept the truth. Walks toward her. She asks what are you doing. Think about concentrating. He takes her hand and says that the time to hide is over. She gets scared and remembers that someone sexually abused her. She cries and screams leave me alone. Rehan puts down her hand and asks if you’re okay. She runs out of her booth.

Roshni talks to the doctor. She says Tabeezi, I have made an appointment, Aman should not know, he may become inflexible. Tabeezi says take care of yourself, go away. She thinks about how to handle it. Rehan thinks I did to make her react like this, maybe her past has some wound that I have refreshed her. Natasha arrives and enters her cabin. The zangemarmar glows by candlelight. Rehan returns to her cabin. Natasha hides. Rehan remembers Shayari. Tabeezi keeps pillows in Roshni’s room. Aman is coming. She gets scared. She says Roshni can’t go out, her foot sprain hurts, let her rest, come. Aman says well, come. Rehan goes to see Shayari. Shayari sits crying. She sees him and scolds him.

He looks at his pendant. Remember the photo of Zangemarmar. He says it’s nothing like that, he just wanted to see your necklace. He takes off his coat to give it to her. She runs away. He makes her wear his coat and leaves. Aman says Roshni hasn’t eaten since morning, I’ll bring him food. Tabeezi says I’m hungry. He asks for food. She says I want to have something more. Consider ordering ice cream. Says it’s there. He asks you to have it. She says no, not this ice cream, I want a jamun ice cream. Dadi says you talk like a baby, I mean pregnant women are so hungry. Phupi says that Tabeezi is pregnant, congratulations. Tabeezi says no. She asks Aman to buy ice cream at the market. Aman does the magic. She asks Tabeezi to have the jamun ice cream. Tabeezi thinks how I forgot that he is King Jinnat. He asks you to eat it. Take the food for Roshni. Tabeezi asks him to stop. Khanna says it is Shayari’s final and complete agreement, you must sign it. Rehan asks why. Khanna says she quit her job.

Aman and Tabeezi arrive at the hospital. Roshni gets there. Tabeezi worries.

Update credit to: Afaq

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