Pavitra Bhagya Aug 25, 2020 Written Episode Update

Pranati asks Jugnu what he wants to eat. I have your favorite food. What do you want? Jugnu asks for freedom. Pranati asks him why he says that. Jugnu says I want freedom from all of you. All this love is a sham. I do not want to be here! Send me back to the orphanage. I will be happy there. No one shows fake love there. Humiliation is better than fake love. You show fake love here and then you call me illegitimate in front of everyone. You have made fun of love here. I don’t want to stay with you. She cries. Pranati is also crying. Jugnu says that at least I have my friends there who support me. Pranati says that I am here for you. Jugnu asks her where she was when she was kidnapped. Pranati insists that he is with her. Jugnu says I don’t want a family if this is what it means to have a family. I will return to Bal Mandir and tell my friends that being with a family is worth nothing. They dream of being with a family but they do not know that this is false. I don’t want a family like that! Nobody knows that a family can be like this. Pranati asks him not to say this. I am with you. Jugnu backs off. This is true, right? You fight for me in court, but people call me illegitimate in front of everyone. Don’t you know me beforehand? She cries louder. I am a problem. Why have you kept me here? I do not want to be here. I don’t want to have any relationship with anyone, not even with you! I played that game because I wanted money to send my friends in Bal Mandir. I wanted to return every penny you guys have spent on me to date. I don’t want to stay here! She runs out of the room. Pranati cries feeling helpless.

Reyansh is pacing her room thinking about Archit’s words. What was Maan doing there?

Maan is with Navya. She tells him that she doesn’t need anybody’s compassion or support, especially not a Khurana. Maan says I came here on my own. I’m not feeling sorry for you at all. Get the call from Reyansh. Maan fumbles while talking to her brother. Reyansh tells him that she doesn’t call him to scold him. You’re doing the right thing. Maybe it’s only you who can fix the wrongdoings of this family. Be with Navya and take good care of her. Don’t repeat my mistake. Don’t leave a girl in this condition. Maan agrees. You’re good? Reyansh wipes her tears. What is going to happen to me? I had delicious food. I’ll drink myself to sleep. Maan nods. Reyansh tells her to confirm him about Pranati once Archit takes her to his room. Tell me if it’s okay or not. Maan agrees.

Reyansh wipes her tears.

Maan approaches Navya. She takes his hand and thanks him for always being with her. He takes her hand and strokes her head. I wish this had never happened to you! Navya calls him a good guy. Not everything is under our control. If that was the case, Pranati would not have been in this situation today.

Jugnu is crying in a corner. He can’t stop thinking about Mallika and Dadi’s words. Reyansh pats him on the head. Have you added this to your list today? She says I don’t cry and she keeps crying. I don’t like crying at all. He doesn’t tell me either. It feels like a weakness. It feels like we’ve become a loser. Jugnu agrees. He tells her that he is wrong. Crying is not a weakness. People who cry are not weak. In fact, it helps us connect with our feelings. We begin to feel them. Is this high level? Jugnu says I’m not that young. He smiles. I know you are smart, that’s why I’m talking to you. Tears and joy are the sides of a coin. They are incomplete without each other. He gives examples and she adds. She says she’s smart but illegitimate. Reyansh feels sad when he starts crying again. They are crazy. Why focus on what they say? What is that supposed to mean! She responds that she knows the meaning of this word. I just have to remember that I come from an orphanage. I have a house, good clothes and food here but I am illegitimate. This is what we are taught there in the first place. They don’t teach you the alphabet, but they teach you the meaning of heavy words like these. I don’t feel bad when someone used to say this before, but it pinches me when someone says this to me here. I’m used to it but I still feel bad. Why? Hugs him. You feel bad because your habits are changing. She says I don’t want to change. I want to go back there. I’ll get by with bad clothes, less food, but this won’t work anymore. He tells her not to say it. Your mother has been through hell to find you and get you out of there. She has become a villain in our eyes for your sake. Now she’s leaving this house just for your sake. Jugnu is stunned.

Archit parks his car in front of Khurana House. Pranati has packed her bags. Anisha advises you to have a chance to think clearly. Pranati reluctantly accepts it. Thank you. Anisha smiles at him. Archit calls Pranati. Anisha tells him to let her know if he needs anything. Pranati nods. Answer Archit’s call. He tells her that he is waiting for her outside. She is shocked. He tells her that he doesn’t expect anything in return. I have come here as a friend to take you with me. He notices that Dadi is climbing the stairs with Pundit ji.

Jugnu asks Reyansh where Pranati is going. Reyansh says it leaves us with Dadi’s misgivings. Jugnu asks if he won’t stop her. He says I can’t stop her and calls her Beta. She is moved. You called me Beta for the first time. They share an emotional hug.

Precap: Dadi asks Pranati to leave. The moment has come. Reyansh asks Pranati why he didn’t go with his lover. Pranati says he was not my lover. Think what you want but he is my friend. He tells her that he knows her story. I don’t want to see my daughter caught between you two. Leave now. I don’t care at all.

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