Pavitra Bhagya Aug 24, 2020 Written Episode Update

Pranati, Reyansh, and Jugnu start walking when Jugnu stumbles. Pranati hugs her. You’re good? Jugnu nods. They all look at them. Mallika points to her feet. Pranati realizes that she is standing at the plate where she was kept high. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. They are reminded of their past. Dadi is not happy at all. Mallika tells Riya that Pranati stole the limelight from her even here too. Enjoy snatching everyone’s happiness. Reyansh asks Pranati to come. He nods to reassure her. Reyansh and Pranati enter the house together. Dadi thinks the more I try to push her away, the further she gets into my house. Riya looks sadly at Pranati. Maan says it’s okay. Anyway, Reyansh and Prabhi will be getting married soon. Dadi looks at him pointedly, but then nods. Let’s go inside. Everyone enters except Reyansh, Pranati, Jugnu, and Dadi. Dadi thinks about their agreement. She walks towards Pranati when someone takes her inside. Reyansh, Pranati and Jugnu go to their room.

Pranati rubs her feet angrily to wipe the tops of her feet. Reyansh and Jugnu look on. Pranati asks Jugnu to bring more handkerchiefs. Jugnu goes. Reyansh tells Pranati to relax. She says that Riya must have felt so bad. It was her ritual. He asks her why she keeps thinking of everyone else all the time. Jugnu gives him more tissues. He realizes that Pranati is struggling with him and sits down to help. Pranati refuses but Jugnu insists. I’m good at cleaning things. Reyansh smiles when Jugnu starts cleaning Pranati’s feet. Pranati is all emotional. She looks at Reyansh, who smiles sweetly at her. Reyansh gives Pranati a handkerchief to dry her tears. Mallika arrives there at that moment. She is such a sweet girl. She mocks Reyansh indirectly. Anyone can get diabetes if they see their sweet family together. Jugnu confronts her. You were calling me illegitimate a while ago. What is your problem? Reyansh and Pranati look at Mallika. They are next to Jugnu. Mallika says I don’t mean it. I just said out loud what people are thinking. I don’t care if you are legitimate or illegitimate. Pranati asks him how he dares. I don’t care what you think, but remember that I will not forgive you if you try to harm my daughter even in your dreams. I’ll make your life hell if you say something to him, even by mistake. Keep your sick mentality and go! Mallika asks Reyansh what Pranati is saying. Why don’t you tell him anything? She is saying anything. Just stop her! Reyansh supports Pranati. You’ve only seen my funny side to date, but you’ll see my not-so-funny side if you try to hurt my daughter. Trust me, you don’t want to see that side of mine. Do not push me! Mallika leaves angry.

Dadi asks Pranati why he is teasing all the girls today. Do you remember my agreement? Pranati sends Jugnu with Reyansh. She would have eaten nothing and will be more than happy to eat with you. Reyansh asks what’s wrong with him. Lie that it is nothing. Take Jugnu with you. She needs you so much right now. Dadi also tells him to take Jugnu away. Jugnu asks why he brought her here if she is illegitimate and a problem for everyone. Reyansh calms her down and takes her with him.

Dadi tells Pranati to pack and get out of the house in the next 30 minutes according to the deal. Reyansh is eavesdropping from outside and looks at them.

Reyansh believes this is what is really happening. Dadi is pushing Pranati out of the house. I can’t feel bad about it. This is what we wanted! She finds a piece of Pranati cloth stuck in her shirt. It could have fallen to the ground, but it fell here. Is God trying to send a sign? Ishq hai plays while thinking about their moments spent together. He throws it away. It reminds him of what Pranati had said about his mother. He tells himself to calm down. I feel bad because Pranati is being mistreated.

Jugnu begins to tie her wet hair. Pranati tries to dry them off, but Jugnu walks away. Pranati asks if she is hurt. Jugnu declines. Pranati looks at the clock. Point to the food. It’s your favorite. You must be very hungry. What do you want? Jugnu asks for freedom.

Reyansh receives the video call from Archit. Archit says you don’t deserve Pranati. I agree that he trusted you for 10 minutes, but eventually he leaves that house. Reyansh asks him how he knows this. Archit tells him not to worry about Pranati. I’ll take her hand the moment she leaves your house. I have always cared and will continue to do so. You don’t have to worry about her. Reyansh tells him to do whatever he wants. Archit smiles. I know. Why do you care? I know you and your family well. Remember well that Pranati is not alone. I am with her and will always be with her. I will always take care of her unlike you. I will cleanse from her life all the hate you have given her. Reyansh says there is no hatred, but Archit asks him what else he has given him to date. Reyansh asks him if he doesn’t have another job. You don’t know anything about my family. Do you have CCTV in my house? Archit says CCTV is here at my house. Turn the camera towards Maan. Maan avoids looking her brother in the eye.

Archit tells Reyansh that he will come to take Pranati away. I will take her away from you and your family. Reyansh throws her phone angrily. Will you take Prani? Take her! Because I care? She is threatening me!

Precap: in progress

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