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Almighty ALLAH has created countless nutritious items for maintaining health, where we get all the essential nutrients our bodies need. Fish is also a source of nutrition, including protein. In addition to proteins and vitamins, there are many minerals. By eating this important food, we get instant nutrition.
This is why nutritionists consider fish to be the most useful food. Fish meat is very useful, because it contains a lot of protein and plays a big role in the development of the body. This is also the opinion of nutritionists. Fish is better than meat by all means. One of the reasons for this is our cultural customs and customs at home.

Every person should eat fish two or three days a week for good health, physical fitness and effective defense against diseases.
The biggest benefit of fish is that it keeps the body’s immune system strong. The ingredients in it, such as protein and vitamins A and D, work effectively in this regard. The biggest benefit is eating fish There is no risk of fat loss.
Eating fresh fish greatly reduces the harmful effects of fat on the arteries and excess cholesterol in the blood. For those who want to lose weight, fish is considered an effective food. Pain in the legs and feet after childbirth can also be treated by eating fish.
Some fish have more calories than meat, but most homemade fish are generally rich in nutrients, but mild in calories. In contrast, beef and buffalo are more harmful. They also increase the risk of being overweight. Fish is also usually fat-free. Fish is tastier than meat, easier to digest and easier to cook.

Fish is a delicacy, provided it is cooked over a low heat and fried for a short time. It is also important to keep the fish fresh. The skin of fish eaters is generally healthy and it is dry and rough. No peak. Fish can reduce the risk of colds, flu and coughs. Eating fish maintains strong bones, as it contains a reasonable amount of vitamins as well as natural calcium.
Fish is relatively low in sodium. This is true of both marine and marine fish. Fish also contain sufficient amounts of iron, copper, and iodine. These substances make up a significant portion of red blood cells. That is, hemoglobin is formed. The fish is abundant in the oceans, it is caught in large quantities daily and the very useful oil is obtained from some of its species.
This oil is said to be useful and effective for the bones, lungs and arterial system.
According to medical experts, eating fish two or three times a week can prevent heart attack. The ingredients in fish play an important role in the development of the body and the oil in it strengthens the body’s immune system leading to diseases. Easier to fight.
People who include fish in their daily diet are more likely to have heart disease. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly help reduce the risk of heart attack. Experts say women who eat more fish have higher levels of omega-3 acids. I have a lower risk of dying of heart disease.

Cook the fish in any way, it does not change its nutrition. It is generally said that you should not drink milk immediately after eating fish and eat a lot of fish or drink more milk after it can upset your stomach. That is, if either milk or fish is stale, it will definitely cause stomach upset. There is no truth that drinking milk after fish causes any discomfort.
In fact, the problem is caused by overeating, stale or allergic to something, not by drinking milk rather than fish.
Instead of keeping the fish open after buying and cleaning, it should always be kept in the refrigerator. It keeps the fish fresh. Some people keep the fish open for a long time after buying it, causing the germs to grow on it. And the color of the fish also changes.
Some of the different types of fish catch some very useful.

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