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According to the United Nations World Health Organization, more than 50 million people worldwide are infected with dengue fever each year and more than 20,000 people die each year. The only mosquito that has spread the dengue virus in Pakistan is Ades aegypti. The WHO said the increase in dengue cases in Asia was caused by a significant increase in temperature and heavy rainfall and flooding in many areas.

These mosquitoes are like rising people. Or those who attack at sunset.
This fever is known for three to seven days. The fever that starts with a common cold fever starts with a severe headache, muscle cramps and joint pain, even when the person is helpless. Also called fever.

Signs of a mosquito bite appear in the form of red marks on the outer part of the body. If the natural fever is severe, blood also comes out of the nose or mouth.
Precautions and treatments
As a precaution, this mosquito should not be allowed to grow. All such areas should be sprinkled with mosquitoes and water should not be allowed to stand.
That is why the use of mosquito nets is inevitable.
The best treatment for dengue fever is to use honey.
Royal jelly
It is a very powerful antiviral ingredient obtained from beehives.
Cut three grams into this nest and chew a piece of it at different times in the morning and evening and suck on the juice. Propolis (Royal Jelly) greatly boosts the immune system. It is available from the Greek authorities and specialists in every major city in Pakistan. Can be used.
Papaya leaves
These leaves are also the best treatment for this disease. Drinking two fresh papaya leaves or their juice in the morning and evening dramatically increases platelets.

Pepper, cloves and Charita Afsantin
Take these three ingredients in the amount of ten grams and grind them well and mix them and drink it with mint or celery coffee. It is best to take it three times a day in the morning, evening and afternoon for half a cup. Patients with dengue fever are cured.
Excessive intake of vitamins B and C.
Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in these two vitamins. Peanut lentil porridge, turnip, beetroot, carrot, cabbage, bitter gourd, pomegranate, sangtra, sour, sweet and guava are useful to eat here.

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