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Dengue Fever | Dengue Mosquito | Treatment Of Dengue Fever |

Dengue Mosquito

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, more than 50 million people worldwide are infected with dengue fever each year and more than 20,000 people die each year. The only mosquito that has spread the dengue virus in Pakistan is Ades aegypti. The WHO said the increase in dengue …

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Late Night Meal | Eating Disorders | Health Changes |

It probably happened to most of us in our lives that when we opened our eyes in the middle of the night, we wanted to eat. Went to the kitchen or refrigerator and got some food and started eating. Sometimes it is different, but when it happens often, consider it …

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Healthy Facts Of Fish | Fish Meat | Benefit Of Fish

Almighty ALLAH has created countless nutritious items for maintaining health, where we get all the essential nutrients our bodies need. Fish is also a source of nutrition, including protein. In addition to proteins and vitamins, there are many minerals. By eating this important food, we get instant nutrition. This is …

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Corona Virus | Treatment Of Corona Virus | Symptoms & Diagnosis

According to the doctor, people recovering from the corona virus, i.e. recovering, can save their lives by giving their patients the corona virus after three weeks. 48 hours of blood transfusion After that, the patient begins to heal. Only one patient can be cured of a plasma. Because plasma contains …

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