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The big fascination of modern families is not having breakfast, which is also due to being late in the morning. In our country where it is customary to drink only tea and strong tea for breakfast, if a person develops anonymous complaints, the cause of which is unclear and flawless is detected in the medical examination, then the diet of these people Habits should be monitored and their blood sugar levels should be determined at different times.
It can now be said that without fear in our society, laziness, laziness, fatigue, apathy, boredom, irritability, fatigue, weakness, paranoia and misconceptions are all mixed with eating habits. In a way, our wrong diet can be compared to a burning substance.
People who do not eat breakfast can be cunning in resolving various national issues, private matters, political and economic issues.

So the importance of a good breakfast is very high in offices, factories, institutions, drivers, pedestrians and students of schools and colleges. It is possible that blood sugar is lower than normal in people who seem irritable, irritable, restless, depressed and naughty. Proper blood sugar is important for brain strength, a deficiency that can lead to seizures.

An old woman from a wealthy family fell seriously ill at night. He was sweating profusely and his heart began to beat. With the proper concern of his family that he might have a heart attack. Detailed diagnosis and cardiomyopathy (ECG) were found to be accurate. Upon further inquiry, it was discovered that this woman was living alone in her magnificent beach house.
Most children are abroad. There is a son and daughter-in-law living in the same house, peeking from time to time, otherwise only a caretaker of the village takes care of it. Her daughter recently came from America. The woman was devastated on her return. He stopped eating and drinking and as a result his blood sugar dropped, leading to his condition.
Solving a few teaspoons of sugar in water and drinking became an immediate but temporary remedy.
There is no doubt that most people have weakness, fatigue, fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, numbness in the legs while walking, and some vague and anonymous complaints, for which there is no apparent reason. Diabetes can be caused by anemia. Although they and their relatives are convinced that they have a heart attack, the following incidents indicate that these people are convinced that they have a heart condition, although this is not the cause. Ay

A man forgot his breakfast when he was hunting and was hungry and thirsty all day. The other man went to his car factory without breakfast, where he worked without lunch. The third man was vacationing in the mountains, where he tried to climb to the top of the mountain before breakfast. He also walked in the morning and later exercised all day without eating or drinking.
A fourth person greatly reduced his or her diet to lose weight. He complained of weakness in the morning and in the last hours of the night, where blood sugar could be very low. An old woman complained that she fainted every time she came out and had to walk a little. His problem was that he did not want to be bothered by cooking because he was alone, or he could not afford it.
Her diet consists mostly of sweet biscuits.
A detailed examination of the people mentioned did not reveal any defects, but they were so terrified of their own suffering that they could not get out of this dilemma, because they were suffering from heart disease. His wives take care of him as if their concerned mothers were caring for their underage babies and the focus of everything in the house was on the condition of his heart.
A student is afraid to eat for psychological reasons. Her blood sugar drops frequently and she has accidents every time she drives. An incident or accident happened to a rich man who came to the office after just drinking a cup of coffee. When noon comes, he will be dizzy. His wife-in-law also suffers from malnutrition.
He did not eat well because of sadness and being busy at work,

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